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Kitchen Hints & Tips

How to Make a Better Cake

How to Make a Better Cake

Use these hints and tips below to avoid the most common pitfalls when making a cake.

How to brew coffee

How to Choose Coffee Beans

Sometimes the choice between different types of coffee bean can seem overwhelming. Here are a few hints to narrow it down and get what you want.

Different Types of Rice

The Different Types of Rice Explained

Rice is a delicious, versatile alternative to potatoes and pasta, and there are lots of varieties to choose from. Here's a guide to the different types.
Rice is classified by the size of its grain into long, medium and short varieties and ranges from fluffy to creamy to sticky in texture. Colour varies from brown to white to red.
The shape, size, texture and other characteristics of the different varieties affect the way the rice is used in recipes, what types of dish it is suitable for, and the way it is cooked. Each country favours particular varieties for its cuisine.

How to whip cream

How to Whip Cream

For best results, before whipping chill the cream, plus all of the equipment you will be using. Whip cream using either a balloon whisk or electric beaters.

Bottling Fruit

Bottling Fruit

Follow these simple steps for the tastiest and most attractive preserved fruits.

14 Wonderful Ways to Use Fresh Mint

14 Wonderful Ways to Use Fresh Mint

If the only minty things you sample are peppermint candy or spearmint gum, it’s time to get mint-savvy. Fresh mint is as versatile an herb as there is; it can flavour a glass of water, give lift to salads or lamb dishes, and serve as a natural medicine for stress or upset stomach. Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to grow. Nestle a few plants in a pot, put them out in the sun, and you’ll soon have plenty. Here are just a few things to do with your mint leaves:

Tips for Making Salads

Tips for Making Salads

Brilliantly simple to toss together, salads offer endless scope for kitchen creativity. Side salads are a fantastic way to add seasonal colour and texture to your meal, while some salads are substantial enough to enjoy as a healthy meal on their own. Follow these ideas and tips for great salads, all year round.

Freeze Herbs in Ice-cube Tray

How to ... Freeze Herbs

Nothing tastes better in a dish than a handful of fresh herbs thrown in at the end of cooking. But there's nothing sadder than finding those expensive bought herbs lying limp in the fridge drawer a few days later, which then get thrown away and wasted.

How to Build a Better Sandwich

How to ... Build a Better Sandwich

Lunch used to be important – the main meal of the day. But all that has changed. For many of us who work, lunch has become something to grab on the run, without worrying too much about what we actually eat. Or we skip it altogether because we’re too busy to take a midday break. There’s the tough ‘lunch is for wimps’ office mentality, which says that a lunch break wastes time and/or slows you down. But it turns out the opposite is true.