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9 Smart Uses for Your Mobile Phone Camera

The camera on your phone is useful for so much more than taking selfies.

9 Smart Uses for Your Mobile Phone Camera

1. In a car park, take a photo of your bay or signs that show which area/level/colour you parked in.

2. To record serial codes on new gadgets or appliances: photograph them before you install.

3. If you see a plant you like while out and about, take a picture to show the staff at your local nursery.

4. Photograph the ingredient list in a new recipe so it’s easy to check when you are shopping. And if you read a great one in the doctor’s waiting room, don’t tear it out, take a pic.

5. Need help with your DIY project? Take a pic of the problem to avoid “a thingy for the whatsit” explanations at the store.

6. Replacing parts online and not sure what to order? Send the company a photo – for example, of a broken cooktop knob – it’ll help them find the best replacement.

7. Need to touch-up a wall with the same colour paint you used last time? If you have the paint can, photograph the colour mixture on the side. It’ll ensure you get the right shade.

8. Record the cable connections on your computer before removing them. Then you won’t have problems plugging the cables back in again.

9. And, it almost goes without saying, if you ever need to copy something down but forgot your pencil, don’t worry – just snap it!

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